5 Alternatives to the Boring Grey Sofa

Like with our wardrobes, cars, interiors and architecture, experts have been busy the last decade to advise us to play it safe, and surround ourselves with so called «neutral» colors, like grey, white and beige. Here are the top reasons for why those exact colors are the last you should pick when you go sofa shopping!

– They’re characterless. The old neutrals does not really have any degree of personality. They’re just there. And they need other colors to avoid looking dull.
– The colors doesn’t really do anything positive for you. If we look at research done on colors, grey is one of the colors we dislike the most. It’s depressing, sad and lacks energy. And beige, you know beige, it’s just boring (but it’s easier to create atmosphere with beige than grey or white, but more difficult to combine it with other colors).
– You will tire of them. The advise to play it safe with so called neutrals for the bigger elements of your decor (walls, flooring, bigger furniture), and then add color with details, makes no sense at all. If we look at what colors make you feel good, you need proper colors. Look at the color scheme of where we’re from, nature. It’s filled with green&blue, with thousands of accent colors. Nuance rich decors makes us feel well. Decorating with white, beige and grey creates interiors that lack atmosphere and are uncomfortable for you body on a subconscious level. Your brain is actually bored. It needs colors to thrive, and the best colors for your mind are color colors.

When you look at the pictures, focus on the colors rather than the style of the rooms. They’re easily transferrable to a number of different aesthetics.

1. GREEN – like in fashion, green is also a good neutral for interiors. Green and blue are the two main colors of planet earth, and we naturally feel safe and relaxed when surrounded by them. A green sofa will work with practically any other color, and it doesn’t just give that luxurious feeling, it will also make you feel calm and relaxed.

Elegant, sophisticated and incredibly timeless. This nuance of green (emerald green) will never go out of style. Photo from here
A more chunky looking sofa, but in the same shade of green. While the first look was very classic, this is more trendy and contemporary looking with a mix of several different types of furniture. Photo from here
A darker green, which may be original. The sofa looks vintage, as does the pillows and rest of decor. Again, super easy nuance to pair with different colors. Boring white walls though. Photo from here
The Fig House is filled with vintage furniture, but with a more modern color scheme, with bright jewel tones. Not many have room for a huge mid century sofa like this, but I still like the effect it has on the room. Not to mention the color. Emerald green like in the first two pics. Photo from here
Pistachio green is also an interesting color to play with, and this Danish sofa is by far the most interesting part of the very styled room. It also works really well with most other colors, because of greens neutral personality. Photo from here
This Norwegian home has a very interesting color scheme that I’ve written about before. Like I’ve mentioned several times before, green works with practically any other color. The challenging combo of green+pink is super successful here, because of the variety of green nuances in both the sofa and accessosries & artwork.  Photo from here

2. RED+ORANGE – The boldest colors of the color wheel, are without doubt very interesting color alternatives for sofas. They’re dominant, energetic and happy. Why would you ever tire of them?

I have to admit that I have a thing for orange sofas. My next sofa is definitely going to be orange! It sets such a happy mood, and is easy to pair with other colors. Colors make other colors radiate. Photo from here by Swedish photographer Jenny Brandt.
This is not an actual home, but a photo from the Danish store, the Apartment. The red serves as a bright contrast, but the room still feels calm and relaxing because of the blue walls. Photo from here
Red + pink, an interesting color combination, and in reality two nuances of the same color, which gives them a harmonious look. This sofa even has a patterned fabric! #omg Photo from here
Blood red sofa, with an industrial eclectic backdrop. The rule in rooms like this, is that there are no rules (except for the fact that you have to have a gallery wall, hehe ;)) Photo from here

3. YELLOW – Happy, happier and just super happy. In other words, yellow is a cheery color, that will put a smile on your face. In large doses, it can feel irritating, but on an element like a sofa, you can go as bold or bright as you’d like.

Black and yellow is often a harsh combo, but this pale nuance, combined with orange/peach accents makes it work. Photo from here
This photo from Jenna Lyon’s (CrD of J Crew) home has made it’s rounds for years now, but it’s still as chic. The pop of yellow brings life to the neutral space (which would have been incredibly boring without it). The artwork and gilded mirror frame are crucial elements. Photo from here
Another split complimentary scheme. Dark blue and yellow makes a striking combo, and and consists mainly of primary and secondary colors. Photo from here

4. COGNAC – This is a color we’ll be seeing more of the coming years, and it’s warmth and richness adds instant atmosphere to a room filled with the old neutrals, or brings shine to more colorful interiors..

A rather colorful, but calm palette, with nuances of green and blue as the dominant colors. With all three colors serving as neutrals, this is a comfortable and relaxing room to stay in. The pop of yellow from the artwork gives the room the little extra, and serves as contrast. Photo from here
Not really a home, this photo is very styled, but the leather (again) adds warmth, and works super well with blue and green (the new neutrals) as well as large parts of the color wheel. If your home is grey, white or beige, this piece of furniture will definitely make a statement. Photo from here

5. PURPLE – This is a color that most people either love or hate, very few feel indifferent about it, which I like! The darker shades gives that deep, luxurious feel, while the paler nuances feel more traditional and «timeless». Purple is a color that boosts creativity.

Purple and green is a «split complimentary» pairing and that’s why it works so well. It’s not as logical as purple and yellow, but still feels very natural. Photo from here

Unsure about what sofa to choose? Norwegian design is definitely happening at the moment, and below are a few interesting options. Click the image to see where they’re from.

Norwegian sofas


Norwegian designed sofas