Doty Awards by Hunting&Narud and OK-RM

When I heard that Design Museum’s awards this year (with a slightly controversial winner) AND the exhibition design were designed by the talented Norwegian designers Hunting&Narud together with British graphic designers OK-RM, we had to chat with Amy and Oscar about the idea behind the colours  of the beautiful awards.

Who: We are Amy & Oscar, we run a design studio called Hunting&Narud in London


What: We design and create objects, concepts and interior spaces. We strongly believe in honest materials, simplicity and strive to create clever and strong solutions – whilst making sure we strip away anything unnecessary. As a design duo, our process begins with exploring a curiosity, be it for a material, a function or a human behaviour.

Where: We met in London, but both of us left Norway at the age of 18 to study abroad. After working independently for years, we decided to join forces and founded our studio together. There is a lot of competition in London, but there are also lots of possibilities and fascinating work. We are lucky to have interesting clients, galleries and projects here, but we would love to do some projects in Norway one day too.

What’s Design Museum‘s Design of the Year? 

Now in its seventh year, Designs of the Year gathers together a year of cutting-edge innovation and original talent; showcasing the very best in global Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphic, Product and Transport design.

A selected jury selects the winner for each category, as well as an overall winner for that year. This year, Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan, has been named Design of the Year by London’s Design Museum.

Designs of the Year 2014 from Design Museum on Vimeo.

What is your relationship with colours and design. Are the colours important?

Of course, colour is really important to us and is a big part of what we do. There’s no way of avoiding it and it can be really powerful. We work with everything between subtle tones to big bold colours, but it’s never ignored.

Why did you choose to design the awards in different colours and shapes?

Hunting&Narud: We have collaborated with the graphic design studio OK-RM to create the overall design and concept for  the exhibition: Designs of The Year 2014. We did the exhibition design which is currently on show at the Design Museum until end of August. The colours are a continuation of the concept for the exhibition. After a conversation we decided to use standard metal profiles cut to length. Somehow the idea of designing a design award felt slightly contrived, especially for such a wide area of fields. That’s why we wanted to use different standard metal profiles so there was no ‘giving form’ to the objects. These metal profiles used for construction are beautiful and functional, even though an award has no real function after the ceremonial purpose.

Rory McGrath from OK-RM: ‘Colour is a general principle conveying the notion of different disciplines with in a collective context. The context in this case being design.’

How are the colours matched up with the different awards?

The colours are a range of bold, strong and pure colours. The Social Vote was given a clean, bright white as it just made sense. The Overall Winner is a solid brass, and is also really heavy as it’s do dense. The shapes were chosen more randomly, they are not important and don’t relate to the subject as such.

What else do you have going on the next few months that we should know about?

We are working on an interior project in Norway, and another exhibition for the Design Museum which opens in September. We are also producing the first batch of our Rise & Shine Mirrors  here in the studio. We will exhibit our Apex Tables at an exhibition during London Design Festival in September.  Oh, and our website. We still don’t have a proper website, but it’s almost done and should be up shortly! We are also developing some new work which we can’t say much about just yet..

Want to follow the designers on Instagram, and see what they’re up to? Follow Hunting&Narud HERE, and OK-RM HERE and HERE