Dagny Thurmann-Moe

Creative Executive, Colour Designer, and Consultant in urban space and architecture

Dagny is one of the country’s foremost colour designers and has over ten years of experience in the field. In 2014, she started Koi Colour Studio (formerly Dagny Colour Studio), with the goal of being able to offer targeted colour consultation for both public and private clients.

Dagny is a driving force for increasing awareness about the targeted use of colour, and in 2017 she published the book Farger til folket! (Colour to the People!) with Cappelen Damm, a book about why and how we should use colour in a more targeted way in architecture, interiors, public spaces, fashion and car parks. The book is published in four countries. She is a well-known face in the media and often comments on colour use, trends and the value of the proper use of colour in architecture, interiors and fashion.

Elisabeth Limi

Colour Designer and Graphic Designer

Elisabeth has a background in communication design and a decade of experience in Oslo’s creative sector. She has broad experience within both advertising and design, both as an employee and in a freelance capacity, and has in recent years worked as an agent and project manager at Norway’s leading illustration agency, byHands.

With a passionate interest in colour and design, throughout her professional career Elisabeth has coloured projects both small and large from her design perspective. In recent years she has undertaken various interiors projects for both individual and commercial customers.

+47 911 64 804

Sarah Leszinski

Colour Designer and Interior Architect MNIL

Sarah Leszinski is interior architect MNIL and holds an MA in interior architecture, Spatial design and furniture design from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. She is one of few people in Norway to have studied under renowned colour professor, architect and visual artist Mette L’orange. In addition to her job at Koi Colour Studio, Sarah is secretary at Forum Farge, a multidisciplinary network within the field of colour. Prior to joining Koi Colour Studio Sarah worked as an interior architect at IARK in Oslo, where she primarily worked with workplace development and office design.

+47 966 25 036