It’s All About Cognac

Cognac is a color used to describe naturally aged untreated leather. The reason for why I’m devoting an entire post about it, is because it’s increasing in popularity in the Scandi region, for reasons that make all the sense in the world.

You see, this is what most of our homes look like:

Screenshot 2015-10-14 15.31.11
(screen dump from Pinterest)

And although it’s chic and elegant on many levels, it could also be described as cold, stark, generic and impersonal. And although these looks are fantastic for instagram and blogging, an achromatic environment will in the long run leave you craving…color. We’re starting to feel an urge for color. It’s already started with the walls, shades of blue and green are rising as the “new neutrals” (look to the right in the bottom row from the pinterest screen dump). But still, these are also cold colors, but they are adding a feeling of warmth and atmosphere that white&grey can never accomplish.

So cognac, you feel like such a safe option. You’re warm (red and yellow undertones), you’re not that far from beige, so we feel like you’re a safe neutral, and you’re a classic. 

Cognac leather
Photo from here

Se how this chair adds instant life and warmth to the room. Add some greenery and you’re there!

photo from here

The Wassily chair from Knoll. So beautiful. Picks up the same undertones as the wood frame above.

Cognac sofa
Photo from here

Swedish Sofia Wallenstam (one of the Dagmar founders) has plenty of cognac in her home, and it looks so good. Boring wall colors are brought to life by cognac leather and elements in warm wood types.

Photo from here

Old neutrals everywhere, leather sofa adds personality to the space.

Photo from here

Another photo from Sofia’s home, from Residence. Old neutrals on the walls, warm details (more cognac leather).

photo from here

Fashion and home decor is walking hand in hand. These kicks from New Balance are playing with natural looking leather (we see the same with more feminine products like boots and handbags).

photo from here

This looks very styled.. Doubt it’s an actual home. But still, the colors are relevant, and I expect to see plenty of this in the future.

So you next question should be; “Will everyone throw out their grey/white sofas and buy cognac leather ones instead?” Well, the answer is both yes and no. Yes, because some probably will, and no, because these trend waves are long and slow. A sofa is a big investment, and it’s not something you change often. But when you do, you might be saving up for a leather sofa next time. Another question should be; “But doesn’t this bring us back to square one, where every home looks the same??”. Again, both yes and no. Yes, because a lot of Scandinavians have what I would call an independent aesthetic, where we like to have the same things as everyone else. And NO, because this is actually changing (yay!!). Trends are becoming untrendy, and personal style will (in the future) be more important than ever (both in home decor and fashion). Living in a catalog won’t cut it. AND, with more colors coming back to our walls, more personality will be a result of that (which is quite a simple quick fix).

Third and last question; “But does that make it a safe investment?” The answer is, yup, it actually does. (I’ve even invested in a cognac leather sofa myself) When a classic becomes trendy, it can sometimes mean that it’s the first nail in the coffin, and that we’ll see so much of it, that we’ll tire of the whole thing. But I don’t that’s the case with cognac leather. Natural leather has been around forever, it’s super easy to combine with other colors, and it will be an investment piece you can carry around for the rest of your life. It will work even if your aesthetic changes, just make sure that the piece of furniture you cover it with, is something you truly love.

Cognac was also my pick when choosing color of the year for the Bergen based Interiør & Boligmessen. Read more about the concept by clicking the link. The fair opens this Friday, October 16th!

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