Book: Colour to the People!

What are colours, why do we need them, and what do we use them for? In my book Colour to the People! (in Norwegian, Farger til Folket!), I go to war against an increasingly bland and colourless life. The book shows how Norway has gone from being colourful and full of bold impressions, to becoming a landscape of grey and white, even during summer time, and how we can return to being colourful once again. The first part of the book is an introduction to what colours are, why people need them, and what we use them for. It explains what a colour palette is and how to use it. In the second part, I discuss how colours can be used in architecture, public spaces and public institutions. Finally, the book shows how we can use colour in our interiors and in our wardrobes, and posits that colours have a natural place, whatever your style.


Colour to the People! is published in Norway, Iceland and Poland and will be published in Finland in the spring of 2018.


Read more about the book HERE.  (Cappelen Damm)


Barcode i Oslo fargesatt for boken Farger til folket!

Customer Cappelen Damm
Year 2017