Colour Forecast 2017

While the ’90s had their neo-romantic rustic colours, and the ‘00s were all about beige / white, the ’10s – as we near the end of them – will be seen as a white / grey period. However, the 20s are now approaching, and all the signs point to it being a particularly colourful decade.


It doesn’t make any sense in interior design to talk about the colours of the season, since the interior of our buildings is a human-created environment (no one replaces their interior every season – or at least they shouldn’t). What’s more, doing so is an impossibility in architecture, while in fashion it is better to think about the whole year in colour palettes since many garments are used across seasons (and that there are in fact no dramatic seasonal changes from year to year).


We have compiled a palette consisting of 28 shades of green, blue and brown (the new neutral colours), as well as red, orange, yellow and pink. So, strictly speaking, the whole colour circle is included (and that’s how it is every season)! Read more about the Colour of the Year 2017 here.


We see a combination of subdued, strong, dusty, deep, dark and clear shades ahead. The spectrum of colours is growing wider with each passing season – and this is precisely what is interesting. We are in the build-up phase to the 2020’s and all signs point to it being a particularly colourful era. You can read more about how colours will be used during this period in our monthly newsletter.

Customer Dagny Fargestudio
Year 2016