Colour Palette Hotel and Creative Direction: Mikado Suite at Grand Hotel, Oslo

In 2013, Dagny Thurmann-Moe developed the colour and furniture concept for the Mikado Suite at Grand Hotel. At the time she was creative director at Fargerike, a Norwegian paint manufacturer, and worked at this project as part of the concept “Colour of the Year”, which she launched in 2010. Dagny also developed the colour palette for all wallpapers used in the project. Some in collaboration with American wallpaper manufacturer Thibaut, and the dotted one together with Storeys. Furnishing and styling was done in collaboration with interior designer Christine Hærra. Today, the Mikado Suite is one of the most popular suites at Grand Hotel, and has received plenty of attention. The idea behind the Mikado Suite was to draw inspiration from the existing chinoiserie, but limiting the palette to be entirely in shades of purple. The overall esthetic expression was updated with modern references and Norwegian design.





Customer Fargerike/Grand Hotel
Year 2013