Systemhus prefab houses

Prefab house manufacturer Systemhus wants to inspire their customers to think about colours and colour palettes early in the buying process. To that end, Dagny Colour Studio has made colour palette suggestions for three of their most popular houses: Cubo, Karakter 1P and Bjøregeseter.



To show how colours can help create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. A further objective is to give the buildings a distinctive character and avoid the uniformity that can occur when they all are coloured the same.



Cubo is one of Systemhus’s best-selling models. It is usually seen in black, grey or white (original here shown in white). Here we have given it a more complex colour palette that highlights the interesting geometric design language. While the house in the foreground has been given a classic terracotta hue, the house on the right has been given an ochre yellow tone, which can also be spotted as an element in the terracotta coloured one. The colour palette consists of four different colours.


Karakter 1P

The Karakter 1P house is usually coloured in the same way as Cubo (original here shown in black). Here we wanted to show how the building can change character when given a more traditional colour palette – in this case a classic ochre yellow – in combination with green and brown. The colour palette consists of four different colours / shades.


This is the classic for Systemhus. It is a traditional house, and is usually coloured in shades of white. Again, we wanted a more traditional approach to the colour scheme and to demonstrate how the house changes character based on what colours one chooses.

Customer Systemhus
Year 2017