The 8 Most Interesting Color Schemes: FW 2015

Eight ways to use colors this fall. There’s plenty to play with, and none of these are “one season wonders”. Rather than looking for the it color of the season (which you should never buy if you want to build a wardrobe with longevity), I’ve dug up eight ways to use colors this, and many more fall seasons to come. Because seriously, right now, everything labelled trendy, hot and must have, feels a little bit (or a lot!) untrendy.

Zac Posen, H&M and Victoria Beckham

1. Mustard yellow: This is a tricky color, I usually advise nordic looking girls (like myself) to shy away from it. And everyone with warmer skin tones to embrace it! However, it’s too fun to play with to nix, and is a color we see coming back often during this season. So stack up on blush and go have fun with it! Work really well with all the other “fall colors”, lik rust red, burn orange and moss green, but also with more surprising combos, like navy blue, emerald green and the brighter shades of orange.


2. Brown + red

This is a combo that’s been off for a while. But the way it’s interpreted this fall, it works really really well, and you will se a lot of versions and combos in the high street stores. Red paired with brown suede (which you will also find a lot of) is a sophisticated and fresh combo.

MSGM, Maison Margiela, J Crew, Sophie Theallet

3. A dash of orange

Just a dash. But it’s bold. Oh so bold. So not for the faint hearted, but can be awesome. And completely make an outfit. It can be very daring, like the orange MSGM boots paired with a sugary pink dress, or super careful like on the J Crew skirt. My fave are the Margiela gloves though. An investment you can play with for years.


4. Nuance play 1: Reds

So, lots of nuance plays, where you play with different shades of the same color. I recommend this for those who are new to dressing with colors, but also for those who are decorating a home with colors (look below). It’s a fool proof recipe.


5. Nuance play 2: Aquas

Same procedure as above, but with a much more calm color. Most people look good in this color. The pale shades may not be for everyone, but they will make your eyes pop, regardless of what color they have. Aquas can also be combined with practically any other color in the color wheel, so it’s a good neutral.


6. Oh blue, I think I love you <3

I’ve been oohing and aahinhg about blue for a couple of seasons now, and I’m SO happy to see a departure from the harsh and difficult Electric Blue. More sophisticated nuances are being introduced for the coming years, and we see some really good and new neutrals making their way.

Cedric Charlier, 3.1 Philip Lim, Prada

7. Green

En emerald green coat should be in every womans closet (and not that beige coat that makes your skin look sick). Makes you shine, and is a super safe classic. Philip Lim’s shade of green is really interesting, and difficult to succeed with, but if you do, it’s going to be awesome.

Vionnet, Francesco Scognamiglio, 3.1 Philip Lim

8. Pastels

So, pastels are usually not what we associate with the fall season, which is often stupidly dark and gloomy (which is the opposite of what we need here up North when the light disappears). These are all dresses, but could easily be blouses, skirts or pants. The interesting element here, is to play with nuances, and add the more traditional fall colors to the mix (because these are just paler versions of what we see every fall). An easy way to create a warm, glamorous and interesting look.  You could lean towards the jewel tones, or the more trad fall colors.

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