Private homes

Private homes

For a long time there has been uniformity in interiors, both commercial and private. The formula has been reasonably narrow and with few ingredients, and a quick search on Norwegian real estate site shows thousands of homes that all look like they have the same owner. White or grey walls, white or grey sofa, grey or white stained parquet, the same graphic posters on the walls, and perhaps a well-placed Danish designed chair. The same can be said about office spaces: white walls and ceilings, grey floors, white office desks with black chairs. Sometimes the space is jazzed up with a bit of steel and glass.


This is now changing. Together with an increased focus on quality and sustainability, the main overall trend we are seeing is that personalised colour selection and customised colour use is becoming more and more important.


Who are our customers?


We work with a wide range of clients who all have differing senses of style and aesthetics, yet all have unique wants and visions for their home. What they have in common is that they desire a home that feels like a home; that is, one that doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Some will want lots of colour, while others will prefer subtle tones.


Our approach

When we work with private homes the project starts with a survey, combined with a meeting and a needs analysis. The goal here is to discover what kind of requirements, wishes and dreams the owner has for their home. We ask: what do they want their home to convey and how should it feel to be there? There will also be a review of the customer’s colour aesthetics to reveal what kind of colours they will continue to like over time. It is our goal to create long-lasting colour concepts that do not need to be updated every season or every other year.


Based on this, a draft colour scheme concept is prepared. The customer is then offered 1 or 2 rounds of adjustments before the finished concept is devised. This comes with colour palettes for each room, and includes product references.


How long does it take?

The hours spent on such an assignment can vary quite widely depending on the number of surfaces and products to considered, and also the size of your home. A project usually takes somewhere between 30-100 hours.


Projects are likely to take longer the more elements there are to be colourised, and also when we take into consideration the complexity of colour use. While some customers are simply looking for help finding colours for the ceilings, walls and fittings, others want a more holistic solution that includes kitchens, bathrooms, furnishings and suggestions for specific products.


What you get

A completed colour concept is delivered digitally, and includes full colour palettes (with the main accent and contrast colours), and product references for the surfaces and the agreed-upon furniture.


For the colour scheme in private homes we usually work closely with the homeowner, but in some cases an architect or interior designer may be involved.


Is the service immediate or is there a waiting list

Due to high demand some waiting time must be expected at present.