Speaking engagements

Dagny is a popular speaker who offers tailor-made talks on a variety of topics related to colour.


Each lecture is adapted to the client’s needs, the target group and the topic.


Popular topics

Colour influence: Every single day we make decisions, have feelings and interpret experiences based on the colours we are exposed to. How can colour help make your company more efficient? Or make you a better speaker? Be liked more? Or what colour can we use to reduce energy bills? Colours affect us more than we like to believe, and can be an effective tool not only in marketing but also in creating well-being and reducing sick leave. In this lecture, Dagny explains why and how.


Colours, architecture and urban spaces: How are cities and buildings influenced by the colours on their facades? What is the 2010s generic grey scale’s effect on place identity? How can we build cities and towns that have a local identity and look good in all kinds of weather and in all seasons? This lecture addresses the last 20 years of colour usage, compares it with historical colour use, and discusses how development might best go forward into the future.


Colours in institutions and care buildings: How do we best use colour in public spaces? How do these colours affect visitors and employees? Why are institutions strongly advised against a palette of white and grey tones and what should they choose instead?


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Dagny is a registered speaker at talerlisten.no. If you want to book a talk with her you can send a request by clicking on her member profile here.


Image from the LINK Business Conference in Alta