Haymes 2015 Color Forecast and the Globalization of Color Trends

Australian Haymes Paint launched their color forecast for 2015 a while back, and it’s interesting to see how similar the tendency is here in Norway.


Green and blue are two of the most important new neutrals in Norway, and Haymes has devoted quite a lot of attention on the two colors as well. Here we see an almost black petrol colored wall towards an emerald green sofa and a checkered painted floor in an almost black shade of green. Playing with nuances of the same color gives a room an interesting depth and atmosphere. Hayme-Colour-Forecast-2014-2-600x900

Green is the new grey.. And black. And white. And beige. In other words, it’s a winner, and a color you should pay close attention to! Hayme-Colour-Forecast-2014-5-600x900

Orange, shades of coral and pink are also big here in Norway, and I’m expecting to see more of all three in 2015. Love the styling in this photo, and how they’ve used color sampling sheets (used for developing new colors, very «analogue» in the best possible way ;) ) in the actual styling.

Hayme-Colour-Forecast-2014More greens and blue. The nuances does not need an obvious familiarity. The shade of green in on the front right vase is much colder than the wallpaper in the back.

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