Color Trends – The IKEA Catalog 2015 + Party Pics From the Launch

Tuesday August 5th was the launch of the IKEA catalog 2015 for the Norwegian market, an event that I always look forward to. It’s a great kickoff for fall, where you meet many industry people, and see how 2015 is interpreted by one of the worlds biggest furniture brands (Scandinavian, of course ;)). These are the color trends from the 2015 catalog: 


The IKEA catalog has well over 250 pages, and the easiest way to compare and analyze the content is to rip out pages, and spread them out to see where there are similarities. After I’d gone through all the pages, and looked at the colors, it became apparent that they’ve used the entire color wheel this time! YAY for that! :D IKEA mentioned that one of the three MAJOR trends for 2015 were brighter and more saturated colors in the interiors. And they’re right. I love that they’re tapping into the color world, and showing how to implement them in an easy way.

BLUE – a new neutral

The biggest color of the catalog on walls, is blue. (on furniture, it’s a different story, more about that later). This makes sense, it’s on a big trend wave, and will most likely be a hot color for years to come. It’s a very safe color to play with, because it harmonises with almost all other colors. So if you want to go for blue, you options are super wide, and it will be easy to change the look with details, since you won’t have to worry about them not matching the walls.


So, there are TWO really good ideas that you can steal from the blue section:

  1. Top Left: The molding (listverk) is painted in the same color as the walls. We’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the future, and it’s a chic way to give the room a more «complete» look. Moldings and ceiling in the same color as the walls, will give the room a more spacious feel
  2. Bottom Right: Why use only one color? The yellow section of the wall makes the room, and gives it that little extra dash of personality that we’re often trying to create.

GREEN – also a neutral!

Green is, and will also be a personal favorite for me. It’s a good color to decorate with, if you get the nuance right. IKEA did both trendy and traditional looks with green, but I’m not sure if I think they succeded.



Green is a relaxing color, that can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. I do think they failed with the styling for all four looks here (top left being the best of the bunch). And cudos for going for the hot watermelon combo in the top right photo! It could have been awesome, but is actually a little MEEH.

PINKS AND LAVENDERS – also neutral

Especially the pinks are hot the coming year, and they’ve gone for safe and uncomplicated color combos. PERFECT for bedrooms (especially the lavender ;)) and can’t be described as anything but a safe choice. They did make the lavenders (bottom two) feel a little bit




Red and oranges will be important in 2015, and in lots of different nuances. They’re both strong and very dominant, and add instant energy to a room. It’s interesting to see bathrooms FINALLY getting some color, and bright red is a fun alternative. Red is not a good color for bedrooms, but can work just fine on details, like the kids room to the TOP RIGHT. Such a great idea to bring some texture and softness to the room, it would be boring and characterless without them.

New product launches

Orange is also an important color for the new products of the year (already in store). As you can see, they all match each other perfectly. The warm color is dominant, as I also saw in Milan back in april.

All in all, I think the use of color is on trend and generally good. I do wish that they would have used better stylists, or challenged the stylists more. IKEA could easily be more cutting edge and trend conscious without alienating it’s core client group.


And now, a few pics from the Norwegian launch, courtesy of IKEA Norway.


Commercial Communication Specialist, Siv Egger, proudly showing off the new cover.


The colorful woman in line, is my good friend Christine Hærra, one of Norway’s top stylists and interior designers. I’ve worked with her on a ton of projects, and she’s incredibly talented.


The building for the launch was industrial with a ridiculous ceiling height. It was a warm and cozy atmosphere, and it was nice to meet industry colleagues.



Yup, this was kind of awesome! A capella.Ikea_katalog2015_Lansering_mg_4833


Line Dammen, Karete Kristoffersen and Susanne Swegen.


The end… Annicken Wargel, ? and Helle Tjaberg.