Oslo: New Designer Suite – Lee Broom + The Thief Oslo

At the end of June, The Thief Oslo revealed their first designer collaboration, with Lee Broom and Jasper Conran, curated by the talented Karina Holmen (owner of the fab interiors shop, ESKE in Oslo). Karina invited me to meet up with her and Lee before the launch, and it was both fun and interesting to hear Lee’s story, and get more insight into the ideas and process (and use of color) in the project. 2014-06-18 10.57.27 Lee on Norway and Norwegian Design We have to start with the important stuff, WHAT Lee thinks about Norway! ;) Well, turns out Lee has roots here! OK, almost, he has a friend or an old room mate, that was Norwegian! And she sold in Norway really really well. She even had a bottle of tap water sent to him back in the days. You know, we have the best tap water in the world, hehehe :D. And Lee agrees! (I can belive she didn’t send him milk chocolate, I mean, seriously!!) So June was Lee’s first trip to Norway, and he promised to come back. Several times! Lee is also a fan of Norwegian Design, and said 100% Norway (where a mate of his, used to work (he’s now at Wallpaper), is one of his favorite stops during London Design Festival. So, when Karina contacted him about the project with The Thief Oslo, Lee was immediately excited (his brand also does a lot of interiors).


ayedqzjz7izjxohyzqeu The Broom Suite.The suite has a relaxing and good atmosphere, with a muted shade of petrol blue as the main color, with accents in mustard combined with Kate Moss. The quilt sofa and the wall color are nuances of the same color, and gives the room a more spacious feel (decorator tip! match the color of the sofa and the wall!). The other two colors in the room, mustard and wood (yeah, let’s call the color wood) adds atmosphere and warmth (it’s always wise to add some warm colors to a room if you main color is cold)

2014-06-19 09.18.34

The Parquetry coffe table is in a very current hex shape, and has a nice pattern, with a dash of petrol blue. (and orange+pink ;))


There’s plenty of the popular crystal bulbs in the suite, and it gives a very pretty mood light. The signature blue is paired with gold and darker shades of blue in the bedroom.


Also from the bedroom. Parc Life side table with brass surface. The warm metal goes really well with the cold nuances dominating the suite.

Lee on colors. Colors were of course, an important subject during our talk. Lee explained that although he works a lot with neutrals, he always has one dominant color per collection, and each collections colors are made to harmonise with the previous ones. Which makes all the sense in the world! He started out with petrol blues, and continued with mustard/yellows. The next collection will include colors that work well with both petrol and mustard. Which makes it easy to collect, and to incorporate more and more colors, in a comfortable pace. Lee promised a lot of colors in the future, so I’m excited to see what he’s up to during both London Design Week in September AND Milan in April ’15. :D

Photos courtesy of The Thief, shot by the talented Birgit Fauske (except for the grainy unprofessional ones, they’re by me)