Paint Your Living Room Blue

Did you know that blue is a neutral? While the old school neutrals white, grey and beige shows off the colours you pair them with, blue makes them radiate and shine. It makes other colors prettier than what they would be standing alone.

Written by Dagny Thurmann-Moe
7. juli 2014

It also makes your room seem bigger than it is. AND gives you a feeling of being calm, relaxed and content. Win, win, win, right?? The cool thing about blue is that it’s easy to succeed with, being a neutral. Which means that you don’t really have to spend a whole lot of energy and time on finding that one perfect nuance that works well with your shade of blue, fact is, most colors will work just fine! (yay!)

However, it’s always a good idea to make a color scheme for your home, and one for each room. It might seem complicated, but I will make an easy how-to post in a few weeks. I promise you, you are going to nail it. (unless you’re colour blind, then you will need help)

The Fig House by Emily Henderson probably has the perfect neutral shade of blue on the walls. It has a dash of green in in, and the pale nuance can be paired with anything but shades of white that has yellow in them (they’ll just look like yellow teeth, not fresh at all. Kind of gross actually). The teal mid century Scandinavian looking chair is actually in a darker shade of the wall color, which is an instant and super easy way to create a harmonious look. The other big elements in the room, the sofas, are also in jewel tones, but green and pink. The green and teal serves as accent colors to the wall (the main color of the room), while the pink is the contrasting color. The pattern of the windows has the entire color scheme, and pulls the room together. Emily chose jewel tones to go with the greenish blue walls, but she could easily have chosen primary colors, pastels, dusty nuances or whatever else. They would all have looked wonderful towards the wallcolor, because it’s neutral.

Daniel Heckscher’s (from Swedish Note Design Studio) previous home has a pretty amazing color scheme (probably one of the best I’ve seen in Sweden), and blue is a recurring color in several rooms throughout the house. This is NOT the living room, but let’s pretend it is (the living room had white walls!). The tiles have a greenish blue shade, which is perfect towards the brass and yellow elements in the decor. Again we see the it-combo of aqua+red with the art work on the kitchen counter. Love it! :D This pic is part of a spread for Swedish Residence Magazine

Another «not living room» space, but dining rooms are almost the same, right? ;) Anyways, I absolutely love the colour scheme of this room, and how the fresh and bold colours pop towards the pale blue walls. AND, note that the ceiling is also painted in the same colour as the walls. White ceilings are so dated, arent’t they. When the colours are coming back to the walls, it feels like the ceiling is craving a little colour too.. And when it gets it — magic!

This is obviously a fake room, but who cares! (I mean seriously, who has colour coordinated books like that??) The shade of blue is beautiful though, and will never go out of style.

Almost same wall colour, but more of an eclectic, rule-breaking look. (go for it! :D Break the rules, and do whatever you like. Who cares what anyone else thinks) As you can see, they’ve thrown in pretty much every colour of the colour wheel, and it works, because the background is blue.

Want even MORE blue? Check out my Pinterest-board  HERE

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