The 6 Most Interesting Color Schemes: Resort / Pre-Spring 2015

Resort and Pre-Spring 2015 was filled to the rim with colourful and elegant collections. Here are the six most interesting combos of the season:

1. Monochrome Green

Green is such an underappreaciated color, I think everyone should have something green in their wardrobe. The reason why? It enhances all eye colors, and makes them pop. That’s right, if you wear something green, your eyes will look more beautiful. Seriously. So get out there, and get yourself something green! You will NOT regret it. It’s just one of those miracle colours. If you’re scared to use this particular shade, go for the classic emerald green (not the pantone green from 2013, but real emerald green It’s super safe, and I promise you, you will look hot (both men and women)). Shades of green will make you appear friendly, confident and elegant, but in a safe and nurturing way. (oh, and THIS is my all time favorite green dress moment in a movie (yes, of course it’s from Atonement!)

Left: Mary Katrantzou Right: Rochas

Giambattista ValliRoksanda IlncicMary Katrantzou

2. Pink+Yellow

Pink and yellow has usually been to candy cute for me, but when used in clean and elegant looks like here (especially the minimalist dress by Roksanda Ilincic in the middle), it looks fresh and new. The very baby-blushish pink can easily look waaay to baby, but paired with the bright yellow, it looks more modern and «grown up». Which is a good thing. I’m actually loving this combo, and I’ve always shied away from baby pink. Will definitely be testing out some outfits in this spirit. The message you’re sending when wearing pink and yellow, is happy happy happy. Both men and women respond positively to the colors, and you will appear easy to talk to and positive.

ErdemChristian SirianoChristopher Kane

3. Citrine

There was lots of yellow on the catwalks, but I think the most interesting nuances, were citrine, which is more sour, it has a dash of green in it. It came in different nuances, and in different combos. To the left, Erdem used a beautiful and neutral shade of the color, that could easily be jazzed up with bold accessories in interesting colors (I would probably use something orange). The dress in the middle by Christian Siriano has a totally different feel to it, and looks much younger and bold. It’s a more complicated choice, and can be difficult to pull of (it’s not exactly the color that does wonders for pale Scandinavian complexions, but if your skin tone is a bit warmer, it’s fantastic!). To the right, Christopher Kane used it in a pattern. This is also a look that I love, and it’s easy to play with and have a litte bit of fun. Florals are everywhere (and have been forever it seems), and with good reason. Patterns like these creates the possibility to have bold and different color schemes, that again makes accessorising really fun. So again, big yes from me! :D Again, the vibe you send out when wearing yellow, is positive and cheery.

Bibhu MohapatraMiuMiuPreen

4. Sky blue

This is a big one for me. Not huge on the catwalk, but hugely interesting. This shade of blue is like the green on top, it’s just one of those colors that look perfect with all eye colors. It’s much better than the harsh indigo we’ve been seeing a lot of, and can feel both conservative and young&fresh. It’s a very pretty color, that can be both feminine and masculine. It’s difficult to photograph, for some reason, it often looks darker than it is in photos. It’s a color that works well alone, and I did see it paired with white a lot. And lots of color blocking with green! (middle photo) It’s easy to forget that blue is a neutral color, which means that you can pair it with any other color, and it will work fine. So, very easy to work with and style. When you wear this shade of blue, it’s not as serious as navy, but still, a little bit conservative. People will take you more seriously, and honest.

Christian SirianoGiambattista ValliSportMax

5. Pink+Red

A fresh and daring combo, that was practially illegal back in the 80s, but now, it’s fair game. These days, designers are trying to break every possible color rule there is, and I LOVE IT! Screw the rules! Do what you like, and not what people tell you to. Well, anyways (a small digression), I have a thing for color schemes that play on the same color of the color wheel, love the harmony you get when you combine colors that are in the same family. While red is the strongest color in the color wheel, pink is a «weaker» nuance of the same color (btw, did you know that red is the only color that totally changes when you add black or white? I mean, if you add enough white, it’s no longer red, but pink. If you a black, it’s no longer red, but bordeaux.) Ok, moving waaay outside topic here, but anyways; you’ll find this combo in all kinds of different patterns, from florals to stripes. This is a bold combo, as everything with red is, and you need to be comfortable with having people look at you when you wear it. They also pay more attention to what you’re saying.

ValentinoThom Browne

6. All in

Every season, someone does «all in». But it’s interesting when people that are usually chromophobes, like Thom Browne, starts playing with colors. I mean, YSL did it, and it made a difference to him and his brand (at the time(. It’s an important part of a designers career when they throw themselves out in the colorpond (that’s not word, is it). And Valentino, omg, how I LOVE Valentino these days! Again, we see pattern on pattern on pattern. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me. Mixing patterns, like here, can be ridonculosly fun, and for someone that loves to go a little bit bold, it’s what I would call a safe choice ;).

Oh, and my last two cents on color trends? They’re NOT important. When building up a wardrobe, the only thing you need to care about, is wether the color does you any good or not.

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