Swedish Note Design Studio Designing Showing How it’s Done // FineFood Kärlek och Mat – Stockholm

I felt like giving a full on applause when I first saw this project by Note Design Studio. It’s such a good example of how more complex color palettes adds atmosphere and interest to a space that’s impossible to achieve when only using white, black and grey.

finefood kärlek&mat has a color scheme inspired by Death Valley (which I can relate to, the yellows, and oranges have just the right nuance for that deserty feel). However, it feels very Scandinavian, but in a more colorful, maximalistic way, but still clean and simple.


The Colors
The color palette consists of three main colors, a pale bluish green (walls and furniture), grey (floor), and orange (which also serves as a contrast), accent colors (different shades of green and brass) and contrast color (orange). The interesting thing about the color palette, is how they’ve used orange, and that it serves as both main color and contrast color (very unusual, but when it works, it WORKS!). Orange is one of my favorite colors, and to me, it’s practically a neutral ;) It works really well with a LOT of other colors, and it’s often added to smaller elements as a contrasting piece, but here, Note is using orange in a way that makes it one of the main colors of the room, and contrast. It’s difficult to pull off, but they’ve absolutely nailed it.

1548083_824094157621013_2630076936533002130_oThere are some dashes of white, and they could easily have been green or orange, without feeling disturbing or loud in any way. Actually, I think they should have been ;) The green Guatemale marble counter is absolutely beautiful, and it’s nice to see something different than the white Carrarra that’s been hanging around forever (it’s practically a classic by now). Green on the other hand, is more bold and rebellious. I love it!! (oh, and look at the ceiling! Same color as the walls!! #emergingtrend)

Green is one of the best colors to work in (as an employee), and I bet it will give the place a good and relaxing atmosphere, which the customers will enjoy (and maybe stay longer than they originally planned ;)). If they have free wi-fi I bet it’ll end up being one of those places where you work outside the office. Pay attention to how the different shades of green work really well together (wall, «box with food», marble, counter tops in background, white board).

SO nice, and SO clean! Lots of personality, with going all bananas. It feels simple and understated, but with a really good atmosphere.


Note Design Studio for Paper Collective, the Beetle 2! (click on the link to get your hands on a piece) It launched about the same week as the pics from this project surfaced, and the colors are just too perfect together for this to be a coincidence. Love the print. Notice the brass endings on the table. It’s the little details like these, that makes the project.


Wood table, orange steel plates. It’s like the previous table, but reversed.


Transparent bluish green with a teal end plate. Same color, different shade.

Again, playing with nuances of the same color. Such an easy trick create depth and interest to a room. A feeling of harmony without being matchy matchy. The soft orange is the little element of contrast, that makes sure it’s not too easy on the eyes.

That marble!! Cudos to Note for not leaving a single detail unattended. 

Again, we see the soft orange playing contrasting element with the drapes. And YAY for drapes! It feels like I haven’t seen drapes in a commercial project in forever!

All in all, like I said in the intro, FINALLY some colors, and done in a really good way. A beautiful project.

Want to see what else Note Design Studio is up to? Check out their website HERE, Facebook HERE, instagram HERE, and Daniel (on of the designers. he’s redecorating his own home right now, and the project is very inspiring to follow) HERE.

All photos courtesy of Note Design Studio. You can also read more about the project on Dezeen