New Woods by StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik

When three of Norway’s biggest designers, duo StokkeAustad and veteran Andreas Engesvik, decide to collaborate on a project, you know it’s going to be magic. The Woods first launched back in 2013 with rave reviews, and on Friday, a new color palette, made especially for StokkeAustad’s exibit for Vitra Norway, was launched.

The second gen Woods color palette, consists of a turquoisey blue paired with two shades of grey. The darkest shade has a moss green feel to it, and compliments the othe colors perfectly and gives the look a beautiful depth and warmth.



Photos by Birgit Fauske

The first generation of Woods were equally beautiful as the second gen, and comes in two different color schemes:


Dusty pink, cognac and grey – I remember seeing this for the first time in a showroom in Milan 2013, and it was incredibly striking. The rest of the decor was dark and moody, and the glass sculpture gave the whole look life and atmosphere.


This bright and happy color scheme is probably my favorite, with fresh nuances of green and aqua. A very Norwegian palette, and it’s easy to see the inspiration of the product; the forests and lights of the North.


The Woods consists of two groups of trees, that can be paired together or seperately. The Owl to the left was StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik first collaboration.

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