Trending: Brightly Coloured Walls

instagram is one of my favourite places to find that daily dose of colour inspo, and right now, bright walls are super hot (and fun!!).


British colour blogger and author @brightbazaar is one of the most popular colour enthusiasts out there, and he’s taken the brightly coloured wall into an art form.


US brand @anthropologie is also game. It’s safe to say that a red wall doesn’t just grab your attention, it makes everything else pop too! (red, black and white are the three colours in the colour wheel that makes the strongest contrast).


LA based @justinablakeney posted this super cute family portrait, and the turquoise wall is the perfect background and creates an interesting contrast towards her daughter’s purple dress.


This post by @blaireadiebee is pure color awesomeness. The wall is the main element in the photo, and it’s perfectly coordinated with the outfit, while it at the same time adds an extra dimension. More photos from this shoot HERE (it’s a collaboration with Kate Spade)


Now this pic by US brand @refinery29 is just perfect. The colour of the wall is the actual colour of the inside of the watermelon. It makes all the sense in the world, and it’s probably not something you catch when you look at the photo, you just get a feeling of harmony.teklan1

Swedish instagrammer @teklan is a master with colours, and she has some pretty fantastic colour walls in her feed. The wall can also be patterned, like here.


It’s not just an instagram-trend either. @thelovemagazine posted the new ads from Italian brand Versace, that are basically doing the same. Making the red dress pop by putting it against a fuchsia wall.

mara hoffman 2

US based @marahoffmann does the same in this photo for her swimwear collection. The neutral teal background enhances the product; the bikini.


Posted by @stefanogabbana  An editorial (magazine unknown), where again we see the neutral aqua background, that makes the dress appear brighter and more beautiful than it would towards a white wall.


Australian style instagrammer @garypepper often uses bright backgrounds for her #lotd pics.


another one from @garypepper. The background doesn’t necessarily have to be a wall, but a brightly coloured something (whatever, really).


The design industry is also taking cue, and @disciplinedesign’s showroom at this year’s furniture design week in Milan was pretty amazing. They had worked carefully with the colour scheme, and it was incredibly fascinating to see how it made the furniture shine. The showroom was also a popular ig-destination.


Swedish @notedesignstudio instagrammed this photo which is a fun approach to the brightly coloured wall.


Which made me have to post this photo from their website. Not on IG, but in the exact same spirit.

And you may ask, why should I care? Well, this trend is a part of the new colour wave that we’re currently riding. It makes perfect sense, looking at what we’re leaving; the only achromatic (colourless) colour period we’ve ever experienced. People feel the need for colours again, and they’re going all in. According to experts in the colour field, we’re about to enter an era as colourful as the happy 60s, but with a different colour palette. I agree; we’re entering a period where almost all colours are ”safe”. Do clear pastels, do brights, do dirty colours, do what the heck you like, just go all in, and make it personal.

Remember that a white wall will show the colour of your product, but a coloured wall will make the colour of your product shine. It’s as simple as that. Colours look better when surrounded by other colours.

I’m excited to see how this trend develops, and would LOVE for it to go mainstream. Let the white, boring walls die. Pretty please.