Colour Palette and Creative Direction: Campaign Photos 2020 – Pure & Original


“I like to turn things upside down,
to watch pictures and situations from another perspective.”

Ursus Wehrli

Pure & Original Paint – The Upside Down Collection 2020


For the third year in a row KOI Colour Studio has been responsible for creative direction and colour design of the campaign for the Belgian paint manufacturer Pure&Original Paint. The campaign is global and distributed widely across the world. For the Upside Down Collection we worked with a classic London Victorian Terrace condo, built in the 1890s. We collaborated with Siri Zanelli, an architect and partner at London based Collective Works, an architecture and design studio that works both in Norway and Great Britain. Siri owns and has redesigned the house, extending it both sideways, up, and down. She has had an exciting approach to both spatial design and material use, with a lot of respect for the original, while adding a contemporary touch. All together this has provided the best possible premises to work with the development of the colour collection and colour scheme.

Process and ambition

We did a deepdive into the colour archives of Pure&Original, and have worked with both the old and new architecture of Siri’s home. Victorian Terraces had a rather daring colour scheme originally, and we made sure to reference this, but also create a modern rendition that acknowledges the present. It is always our ambition to create modern colour schemes, but with regard for historical use of colour. The collection thus references both the 1890s, as well as 2020. It is futile to attempt the timeless, since nothing is ever truly timeless. However, we are very preoccupied with creating something that lasts longer than passing fads. Read more about how to avoid creating short-lived interiors HERE.

The colours

Throughout the house you will see a great variety in different colours, where the colour yellow is found in both pale nuances, as well as deep and intense hues. They are complemented by dusty pinks, combined with beige and cool purple. The colours move from cool shades of green towards the more dusty ones, with a flash of intense blue, and onwards to lavender, all the way to the darker shades, like an almost black green, only to then open up into a variety of powder tones. In many ways we can say that this project almost encompasses the entire colour circle. At the same time the sum is combination of calm, warm, cozy, lineal and with a surprise here and there.

Press Release
Click here to read the press release by Pure&Original Paint

Last ned bildene
Download both high res and low res pictures of  The Upside Down Collection HERE.

Copyright: Pure&Original Paint
Creative direction and colour design: KOI Colour Studio
Architecture: Siri Zanelli
Styling: Kirsten Visdal
Photo: Margaret de Lange

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Pictures and colours of The Upside Down Collection:


Customer Pure & Original Paint
Year 2020