Tiljen for Magnor Glassverk

For quick breakfasts, slow brunches and long dinners

Service in five parts: cup (23 cl) with bowl (145 mm), side plate (190 mm), plate (250 mm), muesli bowl (128 mm) and teapot (75 cl).

Vases in three colours and two sizes: 140 mm (large) and 95 mm (small)



The Tiljen collection is named after my great grand aunt Tiljen, who was tall and had an aquiline nose. She liked to laugh loudly and tell the wildest stories, and everyone sat like a rock when Auntie Tiljen started to speak. In a way, she would have fitted right into an Alice in Wonderland story, and would naturally have felt at home at the Mad Hatter’s tea party – which is also one of the sources of inspiration behind the collection.


The goal of Tiljen has been to make the perfect tableware for quick breakfasts, slow brunches and long dinners. At the same time, of course, we focused on creating the right colours.


The colour palette

There were two thoughts behind the colour palette:


1 The colours should highlight the food and make it look more appetising

2 They should be safe choices, and stay relevant for years to come


None of the parts have exactly the same shades, yet there is a feeling of similarity and it is clear that they are in relationship with one another, without any clumsy effort at matching. This applies to both the crockery and the vases, which slip into the same colour universe and are harmonious together on the table, even though each piece has its own identity.


Past meets future

The collection references several different eras. The edges of the plates are inspired by petals, often seen on porcelain tableware from around the 1850s, while the pattern itself has associations with the 60/70s. The handles and teapot reflect a classic English tea service. At the same time, the service has tight lines, no collar on the dishes (which is common on older crockery), and a colour palette that is contemporary. The vases, meanwhile, have a classic old-fashioned form, inspired by old terracotta or ceramic jars.


All of these references make the service flexible, which means it will blend in well with what you already own. Old silverware, 50s teak cutlery, crystal glass, modern glass, stripes, squares … most things work, even plain white – that utterly modern element. Anything goes and there are no rules – only the ones you set yourself.




We tend to live with fewer things today than we have done in the past, and the things we choose to surround ourselves with are chosen with care. That’s why I wanted this collection to be able to be used extensively. The Chinese rice bowls (muesli bowls) can be used as a base for the dish together with the dinner plate and an extra bowl, or as a cake platter with a dinner plate alone. The bowl is of a size that makes it just as good for a variety of uses, such as porridge, soups, salad, potato chips or chocolate ice cream. The vases are also not just vases. Their wide opening makes them excellent for candles, including both block candles and tea lights, yet they are also ideal for serving and can be an active part of the dining table. The smaller vases can be used as jars and are perfect for honey, jam, biscuits, olives, etc. The larger ones can be used for fruits and vegetables, and are also good for crisps and popcorn.


Size matters

In recent years plates have grown to huge propositions. With Tiljen we have gone back to a classic 25 cm for the dinner plate and 19 cm for the side plate. There are several reasons for this:



For the vases, the small size is also important, so that we retain our lines of sight over the table and not lose sight of any of the guests or family members. Instead of being in the way, the flowers will help to make the table cosier and more pleasant


Wide opening

The wide opening of the vases has a clear function. With a narrow opening, the bouquets can often take the form of a pointed V, making the bouquets somewhat intrusive. More importantly they can be more difficult to shape. These vases are designed for people who are not professional flower arrangers, but still love flowers. In the small vases it is nice to put just 3-4 flowers in them, and they will always look good (here you can use the remnants of an old bouquet that is in the “liquidation phase”). The large ones are just as simple, but hold a regular bouquet. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to cut the stalk to the correct length.

None of the colours are quite the same, but they harmonise with one another, giving the table a sophisticated, calm and cosy look.
The muesli bowl, which is quite similar to a classic Chinese rice bowl in size, is suitable for soup, porridge, salad, snacks and chocolate. It can also be used as a building block for other items – or as a cake platter.
The teapot is classic, round and plump in shape. It is small in size, but still holds almost a litre. The teapot has a soft and a strong side.
Different sized Tiljen vases are can be used as either candleholders or flower vases. Their height ensures a good line of sight across the table.
Tiljen vase 140 mm (large) in forest colour. Photo by Mari Bergan.
Designed with references to different styles from different eras, you can easily select accessories for the collection. Everything fits, from your old heirloom silver, crystal glass, and teak cutlery or modern and clean design. So do most colours.

Customer Magnor Glassverk
Year 2017